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About Cinnamon and Weight Loss

date: 2017-03-07

Is there a correlation between cinnamon and weight loss? Can it really help you lose weight? What are the health benefits of cinnamon?

Where It All Started
Several years ago, a magazine hit the stands with the claims that you could lose 10 pounds in one week and that people who took this supplement could lose 500% more weight than people who didn’t.
No wonder people wanted to know more!
Turns out, the supplement was cinnamon – the same stuff most of us have in our kitchen pantry.
And taking 500mg of cinnamon at breakfast, 1000mg of cinnamon at lunch, and a final 500mg of cinnamon at dinner was supposed to boost weight loss efforts.
Well, if cinnamon and weight loss really comes this easy, then we want to know about it.
The Science Behind Cinnamon and Weight Loss
Looking at the study, it’s pretty clear that cinnamon can help regulate blood glucose levels.
Some participants were overweight, while some were at a healthy weight. Some were given 6g of cinnamon with their meal, while the control group wasn’t.
All participants had their blood sugar levels tested every fifteen minutes for an hour, then 90 minutes after the meal, and 120 minutes after the meal.
Regardless of weight, everyone’s blood glucose levels were similar.
However, the participants who were given the cinnamon registered lower post-meal blood sugar levels than those who didn’t have the cinnamon.
By the 120 minute measurement, the cinnamon had made a “significant” difference in blood sugar levels.
Other studies have backed this up, as well. When people with diabetes were given cinnamon, the studies’ consistently reported lower blood glucose levels than without cinnamon.
At least one study has shown cinnamon to be helpful in how the body uses insulin as well, making it potentially helpful for people who are insulin resistant.
Also, cinnamon is a surprising source of fiber. A single tablespoon of cinnamon provides four whole grams of fiber.
Given all of the health benefits of fiber – and how little most people get every day – adding some cinnamon to your daily routine could help you feel fuller, longer.
The Bottom Line of Cinnamon and Weight Loss
Cinnamon has been linked to weight loss because it seems to help regulate markers of being overweight.
High glucose levels, insulin instability, and inadequate fiber consumption – they’re all common in people who are overweight.
And cinnamon can help address these issues. Which very well may help with weight loss.
However, there are people who want to lose weight who don’t have high blood sugar levels, whose bodies manage insulin just fine, and who are getting enough fiber, more or less.
It’s less clear if cinnamon can support weight loss for those people.
So can cinnamon inherently help you lose weight? Not necessarily yes – but not necessarily no, either. A lot depends on why you’re overweight.
What’s not up for debate, though, is the fact that cinnamon can be good for you, and that it can help you regulate blood sugar.