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date: 2017-03-11

How do you know what’s the best exercise for weight loss?

Muscle is Great, But Aerobics Are Better



A recent study out of Duke University Medical Center seems to put the debate between weight training and aerobic exercise to rest.

In the study, 119 people were split into 3 groups – people who only did weight or resistance training, people who only did aerobic exercise, and people who did a combination of both. Surprisingly, people who only did resistance work didn’t lose any weight at all. People who did the combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training lost the most weight – but only slightly more than people who only focused on an aerobic workout. So keep doing resistance training for strength and bone health, but to lose weight, aerobic exercise is the best.

The  Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Gone are the days of having to jump rope and do jumping jacks for hours on end (unless of course you like them, at which point jump away!).

Now, exercise for weight loss is as easy as lacing up your shoes or grabbing a swimsuit.

Walking – Walking is the ultimate easy and convenient exercise to lose weight. All you need is a good pair of shoes. A 30 minute walk can burn anywhere from 180-360 calories, depending on how fast you go and how much you already weigh. Plus, once the weather gets bad, you can head to an indoor track, a gym, or the mall!

Swimming – Swimming is a perfect weight loss exercise for anyone who needs a no-impact workout. Every muscle, bone, and joint is supported, so your risk of injury is minimized. Swimming can burn anywhere from 400-700 calories in an hour. And because you work almost every muscle in your body, it’s great for toning as well as losing weight.

Cycling or Spinning – Another low-impact workout, cycling can burn 250 to over 500 calories in a half hour. Like walking, it’s an easy exercise to work into your daily routine. Instead of driving, bike to the store, the coffee shop, wherever – it all counts towards your exercising to lose weight. If your balance isn’t what it used to be, consider taking a spin class at your local gym, or even buy a stationary bike for home. Spinning can make watching television an aerobic activity!

Tennis or Racquetball – Whether you’ve played all your life, or have never lifted a racket, it doesn’t matter: tennis and racquetball are great ways to lose weight. Even if you’re not very good at playing, the constant motion is burning calories. An hour-long game can burn 600-800 calories – but that’s not all. Both sports are excellent ways to maintain balance, and eye-hand coordination, as well as keep your muscles toned. So you’ll feel younger, have more energy, all while burning calories and losing weight.

Aerobics Classes – This is a big category, but if you actually go to the gym for a Zumba class, or a step aerobics class – or even if you stay home and do an aerobics class DVD in your living room – you can burn a lot of calories. DVDs can burn 300-500  calories per hour. A Zumba class can get you to 500 calories. And a step aerobics class can reach 800 calories in an hour or 300-400 calories in 30 minutes. And don’t worry if you don’t feel coordinated, or like you can’t keep up with the choreography. First, there are classes and DVDs for all levels. Second, practice makes perfect. And third, the point is to have fun and move, not worry about every misstep.

Helping You Reach Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals

But sometimes, getting started in the first place is too much. Sure, exercise itself will help boost your energy. And losing weight will help with your energy levels, as well. But what about right now?